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Ready to Lose Those Stubborn Extra Pounds, But Tired of Crazy Diets That Don’t Work Long-Term?

Let me ask you a question..

Do you ever feel like there’s too much conflicting information about how you should eat?

If you’re confused, frustrated, and overwhelmed by all the mixed messages out there, you’re not alone.

Every day I talk people who feel defeated and just about ready to give up.

Can you relate?

If you’ve tried the so-called quick fixes and regained the weight, you might be tempted to beat yourself up about it.

I’m here to tell you that it’s NOT your fault.

The fact is that restrictive diets don’t work long-term… and “rapid weight loss” often leads to rapid weight GAIN.


“Quick Fixes” Don’t Work Long-Term Because They’re Not DESIGNED To Work Long-Term

If you’ve been tempted by the promise of sudden and dramatic results in the past, I don’t blame you

Who WOULDN’T want fast results?

It’s natural to want to free yourself from a problem as quickly as you can.

But there are two problems…

1) It doesn’t really work that way. Having an extra few dozen pounds isn’t like having an ear infection. A short-term treatment plan is not going to give complete relief.

2) People who sell restrictive “quick fixes” know you WANT to believe that it DOES work that way. They know it’s not true and they don’t really care. 

They lie to make money off of you, claiming things like “You’ll lose 30 lbs in 4 weeks…AND you’ll keep it off”

You pay up, experience an initial rush of excitement, and then end up mad at yourself for gaining the weight back.

Meanwhile, they’re laughing all the way to the bank.


You Can’t Turn a Quick Fix Into a Lasting Fix

It’s not that you need to just “try harder” to stick to your restrictive eating plan.

You don’t need to turn a rigid 21-day detox into a 365-day detox year-after-year.

You need a radically different approach.

You need something that’s EFFECTIVE…and SUSTAINABLE.

That means your weight loss strategy needs 3 main components:

1) It needs to be right for your TASTE BUDS. It lets you enjoy your favorite meals (in a balanced way) so that you never feel deprived.

2) It needs to be right for your BODY. It helps you feel your best, so you actually feel MORE energy while following your lifestyle plan. No more constant hunger and fatigue. 

3) It needs to be right for your LIFE. Unless you have a personal chef, you can’t have 3 hours of food prep go into your meals each day. You probably can’t spend 2 hours at the gym each day, either. Nor would you want to! I know I wouldn’t…

Weight Loss & Nutrition Coaching

Online and In-Person

Learn to eat for maximum results. Food that not only helps you lose weight but also creates a healthy lifestyle.

Guaranteed Results

With the right level of committment and dedication you can achieve life changing results.

Custom Weight Loss Program

Based off of your individual health and weight loss needs. Includes meal plan, physical activity, and supplement suggestions.

Eat Healthy and Lose up to 20-40Lbs. Even With Your Busy Lifestyle.

Is DARE2BEFIT right for You?

Our programs are right for you if:

  •  You have tried and failed at diets
  •  You have lost weight and gained it right back
  •  You have obesity or overweight
  •  Your BMI is over 27 and you have one or more of the following; diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, suffer from joint pain due to weight
  •  Your BMI is over 30



Not sure where or how to start?

You’re Not Alone. And I’m Here to Help!




Before starting the program I pretty much ate whatever.The program provided guidance and structure as to what type of meals I needed to eat.The recipes were quick and non-threatening to prepare. In the 3 weeks of doing the program, I noticed my energy level was up and I lost a total of 9 pounds. More importantly I learned to try healthier foods and change my mindset.”

Ollie R.

“I started the program due to being embarrassed as to how much weight I gained over the last 4 years, which totalled to a little over 20 pounds. The diet list was cost effective, meal plans were simple and exercises were easy to moderately intense. The first week on the plan, I had my challenges because I am a breakfast person. Nicole, was oh so supportive telling me what I could swap out and substitute food items to eliminate the cravings. My goal was to lose half of my weight for a upcoming cruise and I did!

Anitra M.

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