The Benefits Of Detoxing

We are constantly exposed to chemicals and toxins, from the air that we breathe to the water we drink. There are artificial colors, flavors and preservatives in your food and hormones and antibiotics in your meat and milk. Your body is pretty efficient at safely filtering and removing these toxins, but over time the sheer volume can overwhelm your system.

A detox, short for detoxification, will help you remove accumulated toxins from your body, returning your body to a cleaner, more natural state. You may have heard about juice fasts and colon cleanses, drastic approaches to detoxification, but there are natural detox diets that will safely and effectively remove toxins. Benefits of a “clean” and natural detox diet include:

  • More Energy – Removing toxins allows your body to function better. Your body will be able to absorb and utilize nutrients that were otherwise blocked by chemicals and toxins trapped in your organs, kidneys and liver. The complex carbohydrates provided will supply more energy for longer periods of time.

  • Weight Loss – A detox diet will improve your digestion and elimination. You will improve your gut health by promoting a healthy digestive system that efficiently digests foods, absorbs nutrients and eliminates waste. Your new, whole foods detox diet will also limit or eliminate processed, high-fat, and sugary foods, and replace them with cleaner foods like fruits and vegetables, whole-grains, nuts and seeds.

  • Reduced Inflammation – A clean whole foods detox diet is also an anti-inflammatory diet. You will be eating more natural foods that reduce inflammation while eliminating sugars and processed foods and fats that promote inflammation.

  • Healthier Skin – Your detox diet will provide lots of fruits and vegetables and when combined with drinking at least eight glasses of water a day helps your body flush out toxins from the inside out, leaving you with soft, supple skin.

  • Colon Health – You don’t need crazy colon cleanses and endless trips to the toilet to maintain a healthy colon. When combined with adequate water, a healthy detox diet will provide the complex carbohydrates and fiber you body needs to safely and sensibly clear your colon of toxins, waste and residue.

  • Stronger Immune System – Your immune system originates in your gut, your digestive system. Following a healthy detox diet will remove toxins and restore your gut health through proper nutrition and the addition of healthy probiotics and prebiotics. Maintaining gut health is vital in maintaining a healthy immune system.

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Nicole Alexander APN, Weight Loss Specialist